Brake Caliper Servicing...

"Don’t put yourself through the pain of rebuilding your brake callipers yourself,  just send them to us" 

We will strip, service, repair, and even repaint if necessary, then send back to you carriage free! 

We offer several different levels of servicing for brake calipers, we can do a basic service which involves stripping the caliper replacing the oil and dust seals cleaning the pistons or replacing if necessary, reassembling and returning back to you carriage free.  This costs between £50 and £90 per caliper depending on parts needed. 

We also offer some cosmetic repair options, we can shotblast your Caliper bodies and repaint to the original colour if necessary, also replacing bolts, bleed nipples, pads, and pad retaining pins, to ensure the calipers look like brand new. This option is perfect for someone restoring a bike back to its 'as new' condition. Costs vary for this type of work depending on paint needed etc.

Remember whatever price we quote includes free return carriage and as always we'd be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements with you so feel free to give us a call or send us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

A quick video showing whats involved in a very basic caliper service...